Thordon’s GSS Division: Propeller Shaft Alignment Added to Its Global Service Portfolio

Thordon Bearings’ Global Service & Support (GSS) division has added propeller shaft alignment services to its global technical support portfolio.

The new addition completes the company’s service offering, providing shipowners with a one-stop-shop maintenance, installation and commissioning solution for Thordon’s entire product portfolio.

“As we grow our water-lubricated shaft bearing business, adding propeller shaft alignment services to the portfolio adds a full one-stop solution for shipowners and shipyards,” said Thordon GSS Manager Carl Sykes.

“GSS now offers a full range of bearing and seal installation and commissioning services, including oil-to-water-lubricated bearing conversion management, shaft coating applications, and bearing condition monitoring installation. We now add shaft alignment measurement and analysis services to the list.”

For vessels experiencing vibration problems or other alignment issues, Thordon’s GSS teams can be deployed to provide onsite shaft line investigation and measurement services to determine the load on the bearings. This includes in depth modelling of the shaft line, analysis of the stresses placed on the bearings and a complete review of the bearing height using strain gauges in order to optimise load distribution.

Using advanced computerised modelling of the shaft line, GSS teams can also work with shipowners to facilitate classification submissions for the approval of oil-to-water conversions and for meeting extended shaft withdrawal notations.

Craig Carter, Director of Marketing and Customer Service, Thordon Bearings, said: “We are seeing a strong interest from shipowners and shipbuilders looking to convert oil-lubricated shaft lines to seawater. With operators now opting for more cost-effective, environmentally sustainable solutions, GSS provides a comprehensive service network to support the shipping industry’s return to seawater lubrication.”

With a global service network operating 24/7 in more than 100 countries, Thordon Bearings’ GSS team can install, commission, service and maintain the full range of Thordon Bearings’ environmentally-safe propeller shaft, rudder, deck and shaft line products.

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