[Oil Spill] Penguins Rescued in Need of Knitted Sweaters

From: Pawnation

The Penguin Foundation has put out a plea to knitters around the world. Penguins rescued from oil spills need sweaters to wear as a source of warmth and a method of stopping them from trying to clean off the toxic oil with their beaks.

The Penguin Foundation’s need gained worldwide attention recently afterpenguins were rescued from an oil spill in New Zealand. The organization is based on Phillip Island, off the coast of southern Australia, where a large penguin colony lives.

A big help in the organization’s efforts, the sweaters are worn by penguins for the entirety of their recovery period since the oil is very damaging to the penguins’ feathers. The animals are washed with water and soap multiple times to remove the oil, but their natural oils are also removed in the process.

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