Highest Oil / Water Recovery Efficiency Achieved by the NOFI Current Buster Technology

AllMaritim is very proud to announce the official results of the Oil on Water Exercise 2015 where the NOFI Current Buster with the NorMar Integrated Pump System was tested with excellent results once again.

NOFO (the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies) and the Norwegian Coastal Administration annually arranges a realistic exercise involving discharge of oil to test oil spill response technologies in real life operations. This year the exercise took place at Frigg Field in the North Sea in Norway from June 8th to June 12th.


The official results proved again the unique capability of the NOFI Current Buster technology in separating oil from seawater effectively, filling storage tanks with as little water as possible. The Current Buster 6 was this year tested together with the NorMar integrated pump, which reached an impressive recovery rate of 70% and recovered only 22% of free water, pumping a high concentration of oil to the storage tank.

OIL ON WATER 2015 RESULTS, NOFI Current Buster 6 incl NorMar Integrated pump:

Oil emulsion released: 20m3
Oil emulsion and water recovered: 18m3
Oil/water recovery efficiency: 77,8 % emulsion / 22,2% water
Recovery rate: 70% of the oil released into the sea
Water content in recovered emulsion: N/A*

* Analysis of samples are expected in October 2015

During this year “oil on water” exercise, 4 different systems were tested regarding recovery of the disposed oil against the water ratio. From the table below, the results are very clear and prove the performance superiority of the NOFI Current Buster 6 with the NorMar Integrated Pump System.

                                 Oil water recovery    Tot.Vol. pumped    Emulsion      Free water
Products tested                     efficiency      to vessel(*)   recovered(*)  recovered (*)

NOFI Current Buster 6                  77,8 %           18 m3          14 m3                 4 m3

Oil Trawl NO-T-1000s                   26,4 %             26,5 m3      7 m3                19,5 m3

MOS Sweeper                                25,1 %           173 m3       43,8 m3          128 m3

Desmi Sweep net                            N/A                N/A              N/A                    N/A

(*) – ref. NOFO report


When comparing high speed recovery systems it is important to look into the operational aspects of the products in question. The ability to separate oil from water optimizes the space of the storage tank and avoids it from being rapidly filled by water. This will ensure a greater operability of the oil recovery vessel that is able to collect a much larger amount of oil, which in the long run is extremely costs efficient.

There is absolutely no preference in any products where continuous pumping is a must, as it recovers an excessive amount of water that requires an additional handling system in order to treat the water before it can be disposed.

Therefore, the NOFI Current Buster 6, with its unique ability to concentrate the oil, allows for efficient use of storage tank capacity and together with the NorMar Integrated Pump System makes it the most efficient system available on the market.


The NOFI Current Buster 6 with the NorMar Integrated pump system was easily deployed together with the BoomVane and became quickly ready for operation.

AllMaritim values are clear, we are a supplier of environmental products that make a difference…and the reliability of our company and our products is something that makes us proud.


“The result of recovered emulsion is at the desired level in relation to the objective.”
“The Integrated Pump System was started when the oil was collected in the separator and the pump was runned gently to collect the least amount of free water.”
“Paravane is stable and has good pulling force.”


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