CO2 Emissions And The False Solutions

For quite some time now, the rising levels of carbon dioxide – C02 – emissions that are within the planet’s atmosphere are beginning to cause something known as ocean acidification. This scientific phenomenon is caused by an increase in CO2 absorption from the water, which creates extremely poor living conditions for many seafish such as corals and shellfish. These effects are just getting started, and are likely to get worse.

This is causing a big problem elsewhere along the ecosystem underwater, though, as many regions of the water are beginning to become scarce and damaged. There’s also no way to fob this off as another “global warming” situation – this is literally happening, and there’s too much evidence now to dismiss it.

To solve this problem, there has to be a strong and combined response to the problem. For a start, CO2 emissions need to be reduced massively and they need to be prevented from entering the atmosphere – but we all knew that anyway, didn’t we?

The problem is that the lack of funding and research into ocean acidity is halting any progress quite alarmingly – nothing can get done at present, as too many people are still debating over whether or not the problem even exists. Unlike Godzilla or any other kind of catastrophic natural event that’s ever been discussed, this is real.

We want to look deeper into the cause of ocean acidity, and the consequences if nothing is done to stop it.

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