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Maritime Safety Program For Rescuing People in Distress

From WMU

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS Sjrddnings Sllsskapet), together with Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA-Sjfartsverket), provided a program for the Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration students from 14-18 July that was comprised of lectures and exercises on the legal and practical aspects of searching for and rescuing people in distress at sea. The program was organized by Dr. Thore Hagman and Dr. Mattias Wengelin of SSRS, and Peter Hellberg of SMA in coordination with WMU Associate Professor, Michael Baldauf as part the Memorandum of Understanding established between WMU and SSRS in 2011.

The course module began at WMU with introductory lectures delivered by Peter Hellberg who provided a brief historical background of rescue at sea with a focus on IMO waters. The International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manuals (IAMSAR) were introduced and a number of thematic sessions were provided for discussion regarding the fundamentals of IMOs legal frameworks. The program continued with a presentation hosted by SMA that focused on the Swedish Joint Rescue Co-ordination Center (JRCC) at Kringberget and included an overview of SSRS procedures in relation to operating the JRCC.

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Maritime Safety Program For Rescuing People in ...

[…] Program for the Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration students provided by Swedish Maritime Administration.  […]

9 years ago

Together with some fellow students , we took part in a safety course at the Swedish Sea Rescue Society and they helped us apply a lot of IAMSAR safety guidelines. They had a lot of search and rescue scenarios to test and I can tell you one thing, these guys are super prepared to deal with anything.

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