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Shipping Minister

New Greece Shipping Minister Named

Thodoris Dritsas has taken the helm as Greece’s new shipping minister following the electoral victory of the country’s left-wing party Syriza.

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Vessel General Permit

Updated Vessel General Permit Compliance With a New Verification Service

US Vessel General Permit (VGP) have brought new technical and reporting requirements for vessels operating in US waters

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Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance to Become Uneconomic?

The anticipated cost of capital under new regulations could potentially make certain classes of marine insurance uneconomical to transact.

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Offshore Support Vessel Summit

ACI’s Offshore Support Vessels Summit 2015

ACI’s 8th offshore support vessels summit provides an essential update for the OSV industry, focusing on OSV operational excellence, efficiency and design.

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Ballast Water

Ballast Water: Chiefs From IMO & UNDP Meet

Chiefs from IMO & UNDP meet, discussing projects to assist developing countries in implementing international regulations on ballast water.

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Optimising Vessel maintenance conference

ACI’s Optimising Vessel Maintenance Conference 2015

ACI’s 11th Optimising Vessel Maintenance Conference will discuss the latest technical and maintenance management updates in the maritime industry for 2015.

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Interspill Conference and Exhibition 2015

Interspill 2015 will focus on potential issues to be raised from any future oil spills, with a platform for industry, academia and government to meet.

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emergency breathing

New Emergency Breathing System Designed for Helicopter Crews and Passengers.

HANSEN PROTECTION AS has now released its new approved emergency breathing system designed for helicopter crews and passengers.

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The Fast-Warming Arctic & Its Inherent Dangers

Arctic Temperatures are on the rise across the world, according to various researchers invested in the experiment.

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Port State Control

Flaws in Port State Control Regime Revealed By ‘Ghost ships’

Smuggling of migrants to Europe on two merchant ships has raised questions over the effectiveness of port state control and maritime checks.

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MarineCo Orders Newly Designed Damen MultiCat 2712

MarineCo UK has contracted Damen Shipyards Group for a Multi Cat 2712. The vessel will be delivered in April 2015.

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Sea Water

Seawater is a Viable Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant for Propeller Shafts

Thordon Bearings questions oil-based stern tube seals and bearings when the industry can use the most environmentally safe lubricant there is – seawater.

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Could Megalodon Still Exist?

As one of the largest vertebrate predators the planet has ever witnessed, the Megalodon is one of the most popular creatures in modern history.

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