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Closed-loop Scrubber

First In-line closed-loop Scrubber System Order

Wärtsilä has won a contract from Stena to install the “first ever” in-line closed-loop scrubber system to two of its ro-ro ferries.

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oil spill response

Oil Spill Response: ELASTEC Introduces New 1.5 Meter BoomVane

The latest addition to ELASTEC’S arsenal of oil spill response equipment is the 1.5 meter ELASTEC BoomVane™.

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Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Süd Seals Container Line Purchase Deal

Hamburg Süd has confirmed the long-awaited signing of its purchase agreement for the container line business of Chilean shipping group CCNI.

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DBR’s Gensets Ready for Offshore Action

DBR is specialized in manufacturing ATEX-95 Zone 2 systems. These generators deliver a safe and efficient power supply to the offshore Oil & Gas industry.

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oil spill

The BP Oil Spill

As we all know, the BP oil spill in 2010 was good for absolutely nobody. This slick substance now sits on the surface of the scene of the crime.

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oil spill

The Galapagos Oil Spill

The Galapagos Oil Spill covered 186 square miles of sea. It has caused a significant problem in the ecosystem of the nearby islands that it spilled on.

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The Arctic Ignorance

The Arctic is usually joked as being the home of Igloos & penguins. However, the actual history of the Arctic goes far beyond what we might have considered.

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Need for Action to Address Illegal Sea Passage by Migrants

IMO Secretary-General called for more concerted action to address the issue of criminals who organize illegal and unregulated sea passage by migrants.

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CO2 Emissions

CO2 Emissions And The False Solutions

The rising levels of CO2 emissions that are within the planet’s atmosphere are beginning to cause something known as ocean acidification.

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Servowatch Systems Received a special “thank you” From KNRM for the New Lifeboat

Servowatch Systems’ Head of R&D Stafford Williams received a special thank you for his “exceptional” work on KNRM’s new, award-winning lifeboat, Nh 1816.

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The First ProZero 12m DC Light Pilotboat to Sea Charter A/S Delivered by Tuco.

Tuco Marine delivers the first ProZero 12m DC light pilotboat specially designed and equipped for Pilot services to the shipping company Sea Charter A/S.

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