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Norway Acts To Protect Its Coastline From Oil Spill Disasters

Instead of watching helplessly as oil spills destroy the livelihood of its coastal communities, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) is being proactive in its defence by investing in two ShipArrestor systems.

1 Comment / 27th August 2014

Elastec/American Marine Equipment In Ecuador

The state oil company of Ecuador purchased Elastec/American Marine oil spill response equipment.

No Comments / 23rd July 2014

Rapid Response

Vikoma International Limited is a world leader in the design and manufacture of oil and chemical pollution control systems with a reputation in the global oil spill industry for developing innovative, high performance products to deal with all types of…

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Putting A Seal On Leaking Wrecks

When the flow of oil escaping from a sinking ship has stopped the problem may still be only partly solved. The huge costs to the environment and to the polluter and its insurers do not necessarily end just because the…

No Comments / 18th June 2014

The Deepwater Accident Should Be Used To Further Improve Norwegian Emergency Oil-Spill Response

Norway is one of the world’s oil producing countries where systems are in place to ensure high-quality emergency oil-spill response. The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) would like to use the accident in the Gulf of Mexico…

No Comments / 17th June 2014

Wind-Driven Surface Currents – The Death Knell For Conventional Oil Booms?

An oil boom is a device used to reduce the consequences of an oil spill on lakes or oceans by collecting, concentrating, guiding, encircling, stopping or absorbing oil floating on the surface. To remove the oil contained by the oil…

No Comments / 16th June 2014

ITOPF – Promoting Effective Response And Technical Services To Marine Spills

The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) is a not-for-profit organisation involved in all aspects of effective response of ship-source spills in the marine environment. Over the past 40 years, ITOPF’s technical team of marine biologists, physicists, engineers and chemists…

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Arctic Oil Exploration and Extrapolation – A Fragile Frontier Yet To Be Fully Discovered

The exploration for oil in the Arctic Ocean continues full steam ahead, but there are immense risks to the environment and ecosystems. Demand for oil continues to surge and companies are taking more and more risks. Companies will continue to drill for oil in…

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